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FAQ’s about Tito’s online spare parts webshop.


What is the delivery time for your spare parts?
The standard delivery time is approximately 3 working days after placing
your order. If the delivery time is longer, you will be informed by email. 

Some prices are stated as € 0,00. What is the price and can we order these parts?
That’s right, not all prices of the spare parts can be published. It is still possible to order the € 0,00 parts
together with your other parts. As soon as we have received your order, we will send you our offer for the
€ 0,00 parts by email. You can cancel your order at all times, if the prices are higher than expected. If you 
wish to receive a quotation before ordering, simply send your quotation request by email to our Customer Support.  

How do you ship the spare parts?
We ship by DHL & TNT Express, but if you have an account number from another courier, we will be happy to send the spare parts on your
account number. Also if you have a DHL or TNT account number, it would be the easiest way to ship the parts on your account number.

How can I calculate the shipping costs?
Because we only know the weight and not the dimensions of the spare parts, it is unfortunately (for now) not possible to
calculate the shipping costs upfront. As soon as we have received your order, we will pack the parts and take the dimensions
of the package. We will send you an email of the total shipping costs, which need to be paid before collection by the
courier. For this reason it is faster to provide your courier account number and we will ship immediately on your account.

How do I use the footnotes in the spare parts lists?
If you are used to work with a Hyster spare parts catalog, you will be familiar with the footnotes. The footnotes indicate
if a part is for the left or right side of the machine and how many pieces of this part are used on the total truck. 

Why do I need to provide the serial number of the machine?
When ordering your spare parts in the webshop you have the possibility to provide the serial number of your truck,
if you do provide your serial number we will double check that the ordered spare parts will fit your machine.